#lifelessons [1] (for artists) – A Few thoughts about “them.”

Do they really care what you draw?

The short answer to the question above would be “no”?
“Do they care how you draw something?”
No, I don’t think so.

We can debate who “they” are for a while.
“They” are the artist’s audience.
Some of “them” are faceless, some are nameless.
Some of “them” might be regular visitors, some could even be friends and family.

Make no mistake, they will often criticize you.
But then again only because they can.
Some will compliment your work.
This still doesn’t mean that they care per se.

They will “care” if you are creating a commissioned work for them.
Then they will really “care” to such a degree that you wish you hadn’t taken on the damn job.
Keep in mind that “nit picking” still isn’t “caring.”
When they pay, they will expect their pound of flesh.

You, the artist should care what you create.
I would like to believe that artists love pouring passion into their craft.

Care enough to enjoy what you do, and care enough to put your best work out there.
This way they might end up enjoying your work.
I do believe the universe resonates with positive energy.
If you had fun creating something, it should find some appeal somewhere.
That is what art should be about…
When you manage to place a pleasant, enjoyable, interesting or though-provoking work in from of them.
Care enough to try and achieve that, whenever you can!

– TLR 2018

This is an old cartoon from a few years back.
I originally did it for myself, as a reminder to myself that I don’t need to worry about doing only “one style” of cartooning.