My wife’s 50 birthday is on 29 August.
I’m sure I will have 48 “us” cartoons ready by then.
Seeing that I’ve already posted 2.
The biggest challenge is naturally attempting to fit creative stuff into a regular 9-5 office lifestyle.
To be honest, some nights I’m just so knackered I can’t muster up the energy to draw anything.
I do have a a few comics in reserve already but I’ll definitely need to step up with posting them.
1 per week won’t do.
So here’s how it needs to be!
Tonight and tomorrow I will draw a couple of pics based on “The List!”
I created a list with quite a few ideas for the “story of us!”
And as of this week I’ll start posting more than once.

Have a great Saturday!Thanks for stopping by!

What do you think of the idea?
On “the big day” how should I present a slideshow of all the pics? Perhaps on the site itself?

Bad Hairday Bad Makeupday!