Why would anyone voluntarily kill off his own website?
This reminds me of the gossip I heard the other night, “Why did she leave him, they looked like a perfect couple?”
Why does anyone leave a job, a lover, a country?

I will leave you to ponder these questions.
Perhaps a bit of mystery is a good thing?
Because I figured the reasons for ditching the old site would make no sense without a long and boring discourse.

I did decide to revive some of the art I featured on the old site.
I’m older, and not necessarily wiser, but I have changed.
Much of what was posted on the old site was no longer “me”.
At least this method of “reposting” is one way of rediscovering myself as well.
You learn quite a bit about yourself when you revisit your old job, your old school, your old artwork.
So yes, I “decluttered” a bit while getting re-acquainted with some of my older artistic experiments.

What I repost/recycle will be the stuff that I still like personally.
I sincerely hope you do as well.

Today’s “Oldies-revisited” is a spoof I did of the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde and X-23.
Kitty has the mutant ability to phase/walk through walls and solid things.

X-23 is like “Wolverine”, except for having two Adamantium claws instead of three.
(Just check out the Marvel Wiki online if all of this is confusing. Apologies to all those who don’t really read comics).

“Kitty Pryde Unphased” was quite a popular drawing.
I would do the face completely different now. Here I can definitely see how I changed in terms of rendering features.

The cartoon is playful at least, and despite the urge to redo it I will sit on my hands and think of something new to sketch.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my cartoons.