I will continue to sift through the archives and pick the cartoons from the now defunct “txtoons.com” to make them live again, here in a new home.

“Supergirl” was the last of the “Embarrassing Superhero Moments” I did.

Who knows, perhaps there might be more some day.
One thing here I would’ve improved was really setting that cape alight and adding much more burn marks to the fashionable lass.

One thing I’ve learnt after revisiting the old stuff is just how eclectic my styles and interests where.
No wonder I mostly succeeded in confusing my audience.
Ok, I’m doing it again, but this time I hope I’m picking the better ones from the vast multitude of comic fodder I created.


Now in retrospect I would’ve made the Coffee-Break girl’s eyes a bit smaller and the boots a bit more fluid and defined perhaps. But then again, this is now historical and I’m also learning a lot from perusing my old “succesful favorites” and definitely from the mistakes as well.


“Butterfly Girl” was sketched on paper and subsequently inked and then scanned.
She was drawn in in 2013 and then re-published in 2015 when I moved the site between hosts.
I actually still like this one despite the obvious way in which my cartoons aged.
And yet, there it is… the ubiquitous coffee cup! Cheers


Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!