#lifelessons [0] (For artists)

Before you start drawing cartoons remember to BEWARE of the blank canvas, or the blank piece of paper.

The blank white sheet on your desk can be intimidating, laughing at you, saying, “You don’t know what to draw.”
Conquer the blank page!
You will have achieved a great victory even before you sketched a single line.

I believe it is important to understand where a drawing lives.
Any work of art lives inside your imagination, inside your mind.
The paper is merely a place where you “store”  or showcase your art for others to see.

A big mistake I still make is to get seated at a desk, staring at that pesky blank sheet.
Especially if I’m in the mood to create I feel dejected when inspiration hides somewhere.
When the Muse hides I walk away from the desk and the blank paper.

Start thinking about everything you want to do, that is all there is to it.
Before you touch a pencil, first decide what you find interesting.

The paper won’t be my master, therefore I “messed it up” a bit to show it who was the boss.
I added a rough border just to get a feeling for the pen.
My coffee cup added a “stain” which I turned into a pool from which a friendly octopus emerged.
The mermaid found a spot on the edge of the sheet.
I “folded” a sheet of paper, made a plane and punched a hole in the paper, just to show the paper is never in charge!

Even though I draw mostly on a tablet these days the concepts above remain the same.
The tablet or computer screen is a virtual piece of paper.
All the drawing principles are very similar to creating art the “old fashioned way”.
Your imagination still overrules the screen, the drawing tools, the paper or the paint.

Next time we chat about art and especially drawing cartoons, have a few ideas ready.
Think about the stuff that intrigues you.

Mermaid on the edge

(“Mermaid on the edge” Original cartoon © 2018 03 31 TLR)