#lifelessons [5] (For artists) – Don’t let an obsession with creating works with “meaning” deter you from having fun.

Are you occasionally obsessed with “the meaning behind it al?”

On a number of occasions I’ve drawn things only to be met with that tough question, “what does it mean?”
Sure, sometimes I get all “emo” and try to convey something with hidden meanings.
However, if you only strive to create art with a “deeper meaning” you might end up not enjoying your own creative efforts.

Obviously you can load your work with symbolism and hidden imagery and whatever floats your boat, but keep in mind that “meaning” will always be subjective to a large degree.
No matter what you write, or what you decide to inject into your art, everyone out there will inadvertently continue to overlay their own interpretations on top of your “deeper meaning.”

These days I mostly try and create images that I find visually pleasing, or at least enjoy scribbling.
I really don’t sit down and think, “what would any of this mean to my audience?”
I need to enjoy what I’m doing, that’s all.
If that isn’t happening, then why bother?

Without over thinking cartoons I occasionally start with a freeform figure sketch.
I enjoy drawing fantasy creatures.
That’s all there is to it.
I start with some shapes and poses and see where it leads to.

This one titled “Taking the black sheep for a flight” Started out as someone walking a dog.
I added wings to the figure and the would-be dog became a flying “sheep.”
A black flying sheep to boot.

EDIT: A friend informed me this was a “paradoxical oxymoron” … there you have it! Deeper meaning and all!

black sheep