My wife turns 50 this year and I’m working towards creating 50 new special cartoons for the occasion.
I wrote extensively about it in the previous post.
I already have quite a few new drawings on my tablet.
The sketch I post today was the first one of 2019.
Initially I wanted to redo the “old” ones.
And then I decided against that – what was drawn was drawn.
This first one however was a “redo.”
I guess that’s not a bad thing because it links the old with the new?
Next week I’ll post the first of the really-new ones!

When you fall..

The inspiration for the original drawing came from the song by Jean- Michel Jarre and his collaboration with Gary Numan.

When you fall
When you fall
When you fall
I’ll be here for you

My wish is that you have someone who you can love, and be there for… Whenever they feel things get too much.
When they feel they are going to fall, and fail.

Have a great Saturday!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my romantic scribbles!

1 When you fall!