I sketched this on Wednesday and re-engineered the hair earlier this morning on the train.
Freehand studies like these serve to keep me in practise.
It keeps the wrist loose.
As with everything I draw I always need to set a boundary whereby I can say “This is the finished product.”
Because I sketch as a hobby I’m not restricted by perceived realism from clients and such.
For that reason I do need to set an end-point for a sketch.
If I don’t do that it will carry on ad infinitum.
I can so easily keep on fiddling with all the elements of the composition.
Once it’s out there its either good enough or not.
Early in my life I’ve learned not to revisit old projects too much.
You only end up frustrating yourself on many levels.
What’s done is done.
Rather move forward and create new things.
And aim to improve by creating new work, not re-hashing the past!