I based this picture on a lovely photo from an Instagram friend’s profile.

These days I enjoy creating simpler drawings.
Line sketches with minimal shading at most.

Occasionally people ask me “can you draw me?”
I can’t really… But I can at least create an approximation of how I see someone.
Because I do mostly cartoons I will inadvertently stylize someone’s picture a bit.
If it looks “too close” to the “original” then I didn’t interpret anything.
That is why I find more satisfaction in creating art these days.
Interpretation sets you free from perceptions of reality so that you can create your own reality.
The minute I stopped “imagining” what other people expected from my art it became more fun to draw.
Draw what you like, draw as often as you like.
Draw without the voices inside your head saying “but what will they think?”
Care not about opinions, because that’s exactly what they are — Merely opinions.
The only fact the artist should care about is whether or not there was enjoyment during the process of creating art.
When you are satisfied with your art, send it out into the world, and allow the world to see it in any which way they like.
At that point in time you should be confident enough in yourself to acknowledge criticism, and handle it gracefully.
But also learn how to deal with praise…
With humility and gratitude.



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