Tuesday Drawing

This drawing represents more of what I enjoy doing these days.
Line drawings with a fair mix of realism and “cartooning” and some manga sensibilities thrown in.

Where does a drawing really “start?”
Definitely not on the tablet!
Quite often I browse through Pinterest pics, or posts on Instagram.
Whenever a certain image piques my interest I often use the “pose” for inspiration.

Not everything from a photo translates well into a drawing.
Before I get cracking I analyse the reference and in my head I change certain aspects of the pose.
This needs to happen even prior to sketching the framework.
If that doesn’t happen you might end up with a pastiche of loose elements cobbled together.

I was quite happy with the way this sketch turned out.
However, after posting something I always end up spotting flaws in the drawing.
But lately I refrain from going back and “editing.”
That would mean getting out the tablet, “fixing” a flaw, resizing, uploading again…
Instead I now choose to leave the posts as is, flaws and all.
This inspires me to improve in a forward-moving way. Let the past take care of itself.
Occasionally I find it hard to “leave it alone.”
But this means a drawing represents a human experience, not a machine-generated event.
“Perfection is an illusion” is it not?

Have a great Tuesday, stay positive and spread the light around.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”
― Og Mandino