Discussions about creating cartoons. Part 1.

Hi everyone,

First and foremost:
Just a big shout-out to to each and all who have been supporting my comics throughout pandemics and blue Mondays.
The constant visits from all parts of the universe are all highly appreciated.

I don’t regularly communicate in this fashion, because I feel the comic should speak for itself.
However, I am quite excited and wanted to share something different.
I managed to piece together a video, the first one in a series about discussing the creation of cartoons.
Please be so kind as to give some input, and watch it of course!

Just a basic disclaimer, this is my first real, full-blown attempt at getting this Youtube thing going.
I have such a lot to learn insofar videos are concerned.
But I guess that’s the beauty of teaching something:
You get to learn such a lot as well as pushing a bit of knowledge out there.

Much love


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