The maiden sleeps

The warrior princess received her first poem.
I’m quite pleased.
Doth that means she is moving into the pantheon of the great warriors already?
Who knows?
Thanks for this Chistopher!
The position of bard is still open if you’re interested!
Pay is terrible but you get to hang out with Her Jadedness!

Princess Joelle the Jaded

She’s a survivor Princess Joelle the Jaded.
Although her life is catastrophically complicated.
All her fathers’ power has been manipulated.
Her people and their land have been desecrated.
“I will have my revenge” she stated.
All her foes should take heed to the words she had to say.
For Matt her creator is making her stronger by the day.
Giving her essence just the right element to portray.
Until she’s ready to take up her sword and go the warriors’ way.

Yesterday evening I tried a “lying-down-pose.”
It was easier than I initially thought.
I’m relearning to do rough outlines again as well.

Note that the princess is ever vigilant! She sleeps with one eye (sometimes both) open!
Who knows what evils lurk in the hearts of men during the hours of darkness!

Thanks for stopping by and looking at the latest iteration of “relearning cartooning!”

Much love

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