The monochrome maiden vs. some colour!

It’s been a few days since I started “re-learning,” or even “re-inventing” my own cartooning style.
Yesterday someone asked, “what was wrong with it? The old style?”
That’s just it.
I didn’t feel anything was wrong, but not all was right.
An interview with Neil Peart, the late world-renowned drummer from the band Rush inspired me as well, a few weeks ago.
Why would one of the world’s best drummers decide to take lessons again at a mature stage in his career?
I’ll leave you to go and research that answer for yourselves.

So why would a cartoonist, who has been drawing his whole life “start from scratch?”
Maybe there’s this easy answer: “Why not?”
But nonetheless, only through continuous growth will some be able to recapture the elusive concept of “joy.”
I guess I’m one of those.

Right. That there was the philosophical component of the post.
What do you think of the colours?
Do you maybe prefer the B&W version?

Have a great weekend!
Until next time!


It’s taking some shape!

This pose didn’t quite look right!

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