Accidental manifestation of chocolate hearts!

Our intrepid Warrior Princess was experimenting with the Hermit Wizard’s Fire Spell when things went awry!
Instead of fire, a few hollow chocolate hearts were conjured up!

I sketched a similar pose a few years ago, during my lunch break, and a colleague happened to look over my shoulder.
“What is that supposed to tell me?” He asked?
I just shrugged.
Because It wasn’t intended for any purpose except keeping me busy during lunch. And of course, improving my drawing skills.
That’s just how people can be though, some believe that everything revolves around them.
Even a random sketch is “supposed to tell them something?”
How about either appreciating the art, or simply moving on?
In these online times, just scroll past?
Maybe that’s easier said then done?

Nowadays, if someone were to ask me that question, I would say, “it tells you that there’s a dude here who is trying to re-learn certain aspects of cartooning!”
And that’s all there is to it!

Have yourself a great Monday!


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