Parenthesis. “Why am I looking at this?”

When I post certain things, people might ask, “Why am I looking at this?”
Translated, it actually means, “I don’t like this thing you’ve posted.”

I’ve tried the logical approach with some of my haters by replying with, “I’m not sure why you are looking at this. Maybe you are the only one who can answer that.”
Naturally, that seldom goes as planned.
People don’t always appreciate a Stoic approach to their comments.

When I first shared this drawing on some of the social media platforms, it was met with some confusion.

This is a simulated discussion from that day.

Art expert: Why am I looking at this? I hate wasting my time by looking at abstract stuff. It’s not funny.
Me: Why did you take the time to stop and comment on it?
Art expert: It’s not even a cartoon! It wasted my time!
Me: But yet, you wasted some time to comment?
Art expert: Stop posting that kind of thing on our platform!
Me: Some liked it!
Art expert: It’s worse than the new *** **** movie!
Me: Isn’t that a bit of false equivalence?
Art expert: I don’t care!
Me: Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your input!
Art expert: Oh, yeah. No problem!

There are three basic reactions to anything you post:
1. Some like it.
2. Some hate it.
3. Some are indifferent.

But throughout it all, it pays to remember a human being is on the other side. Never allow your replies to match the volatility of potentially hurtful comments.
Once or twice I turned a few haters by being neutral to scathing comments.
Later, some returned and took a fresh look at subsequent posts, which they seemed to enjoy.
Volumes can be written about a creative approach to those who dislike your creative approach.

But I guess Andy summed it up succinctly!

Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” ~ Andy Warhol.

In honor of those wise words, I also tried my hand at some “pop art!”

I hope you like it, and if not, please let me know! All comments are appreciated!

Until later!


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