The Turnaround-trauma!

For those who are new to this project: I’m drawing the same character each day.
And, it’s going better than anticipated! I’m already on day 22!
There are many reasons for doing it, but this video basically captures the gist of it.

Moving on to practical considerations.
Maybe you’ve noticed it too, in some comics, the characters’ faces are often portrayed in very same-ish views.
The classic three-quarter view is a favorite, and so is the full-frontal of course.
Well, I’ve decided not to go that route.
The Warrior Princess can, and will be rendered from all angles!
Some will be less flattering than others, but yeah… That is a cartoon’s occupational-hazard!

I’ve heard artists mention the turnaround-poses.
And that’s exactly what it means, you draw, or render your subject in such a way that it appears the character is doing a 360 degree rotation.
Ok, so I’ve been favoring the three-quarter face, but I’ve done a few profile views, as well as the odd full-frontal view.

That’s it for now!
See you soon,



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