Is that how you hold a sword? Some Monday color.

This is today’s installment of a “Draw your character each day” project which I started on 1 April.
I’m not sure a sword is held like this.
I don’t think it’s a very powerful pose either.
The original drawing reference looked “ok,” but I had to tweak it so much to suit the Warrior Princess.
If one were to hold a sword like that, the hand could’ve been raised a bit higher perhaps.
But such are the parameters of the project.
No drawings are “redone,” and none are discarded.
It’s all part of the ongoing learning process.
Can you build a better product if the old one doesn’t exist as reference?
It’s very yin-yang I suppose.

Anyway. That’s all there is to this episode.
Have a great Monday,


    • Thanks!
      It’s a lot of fun, but hard work nonetheless.
      As they say, 90% perspiration, 10% inspiration.
      Do I have the ratios correct? hahaha

  • I enjoy your art, your philosophy and your humor. The maiden warrior brightens my day.

    Thank you for sharing how you are developing your skill. That’s encouraging.

    • Thanks Ted!
      I appreciate the comment.
      Once, many years ago I had a discussion with a guy who said, “cartooning is an old man’s craft.”
      O, I’m much older now, and I do believe the philosophy I’ve acquired in drips & drabs are actually helping!

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