The third panel of the graphic novel?

I started writing a “brief outline” for the first section of my graphic novel.
Ok, so the initial section has 1500 words.
According to Grammarly, that translates into about 6 minutes’ reading time.
If each panel will utilize about 20 words, then I only require roughly 75 panels to
tell the first quarter of the story.
No rush, no pressure!

Here’s the thing though.
I set out on 1 April to draw my character each day.
This is day 29, I’ve not broken “the chain” yet!
Every day I have a bit of fun with crafting sequences in which the Warrior Princess appears.
(The character couldn’t have a more generic name now, could she?)

But, the best part of this project has to be the journey.
Improving my drawing skills along the way.
Of course, there has to be some goal somewhere in the vast distance.
I keep telling myself it will be a graphic novel.
Who knows what the future holds?
I don’t! And that’s actually part of the fun with regards to making art!

This is a potential “Panel #3,” because I haven’t figured out the art for #1 & #2 yet.


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