The Warrior Princess Helpline. “Help, I’m feeling attacked!”

The Warrior Princess is no stranger to being attacked.
Since birth she’s been raised to defend herself against surprise attacks by heinous beasts and monsters of all shapes and sizes.
Here’s her advice to those who often write the following on their social media timelines:
“I feel attacked!”

Hi everyone,

Remember, feelings exist separately from facts.
Even when the feeling of being attacked is incredibly strong, it doesn’t mean you are being attacked!

If someone attempts to plunge a dagger into your heart, you had better evade the attack. That’s real, that’s more than a feeling!
So, What did it feel like when a real attacker approached you?
Here’s the thing… It doesn’t matter within that moment!
Recognizing the touchy-feely emotion wouldn’t have saved your life.
Sometimes you just have to dodge your attacker! Whatever you “feel!”

But, do learn to listen to your gut though.
You might feel you could get attacked when you enter a dodgy establishment.
Focus! We’re speaking about future events here soldier!

Feeling attacked when there is no enemy nearby only perpetuates senseless fear for no apparent reason.
It also makes you look weak to trolls, wizards and ogres.
They sense these things.
Feeling attacked is not the same as feeling offended!
Remember that… Feeling attacked is not the same as feeling offended!
Be strong, and should someone actually attack you, grab that dagger and plunge it into their hearts first!

Until next time,
Your friendly neighborhood Princess


  • I like the image of her without the arm bracelets, I was beginning to think they were welded on. I think any warrior has a time of relaxation where they feel safe having a beer or glass of wine, and can safely dispense with some armor.
    However, it’s true that my ex wore all kinds of jewelry (including non-armor bracelets) in the bathtub, hot tub, bed, and on the beach. She might change ’em up from time to time, but she never took them off.
    Anyway, the knife is very handy if she needs it, and it serves to discourage unwanted attention from those who think she’s an easy mark.

    • What a great comment!
      I also marvel at those who never remove jewelry.

      Anyway, I often wondered what life could’ve been like in those medieval/fantasy times. Did the inhabitants ever relax?
      Maybe we only see that era through the lens of movies? I’m not sure.

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