The Warrior Princess figurine. Limited Edition – 2000 Pieces!

While I was sketching today’s version of the Princess, the idea that this could be a collectible figurine started taking shape.
Therefore I placed her on a base.
Maybe one day, when this is manufactured, you can also purchase the add-ons:
– Blood spatter for a more realistic diorama effect.
– Fully poseable troll enemies to place all around her.
– Configurable hands that can hold different weapons.
— Sunglasses for her future-self crossover version.

And of course, this will be a limited edition piece.
Limited to only 2000 copies worldwide!

I made a quick visual representation of 2000 pieces.
What do you think?
Does it look like a lot when they are decked out like this?

Is “limited edition” merely a scam?
Because often, they limit the editions with regards to color.
2000 editions will feature her with a brown outfit.
In Another release that’s limited to 2000 editions, she will wear a white outfit and the sword will be changed.
Oh, and then there’s the super-rare shadow version, cast in pure black resin!

Secure yours now!



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