Those tough days, when making art is but a distant illusion…

Ok, so today went pear-shaped.
Actually, pear-shaped is still fine.
That’s a shape I can work with.
But today, it really felt like everything that could, or should’ve fitted in nice and manageable little boxes oozed out and transformed into shapeless piles of sludge!
That was a dramatic description, wasn’t it?

Did I completely abandon my “Draw a Princess A Day” project?
Of course not.
I sketched a few outlines.
She won’t be ready for today’s post, albeit her WIP (work in progress) is getting there at least.
Right, so she is ready in a sense, but not yet entirely presentable.
You get the idea though.
In reality, I often like leaving WIPs to simmer at times.
Sometimes I develop them further, and sometimes they dissipate into the nothingness of a type of Cartoon-Valhalla.
But, it still counts as practise.

Oh, and how was/is your day?
Was it better than “pear-shaped?”



  • I have days like that with my writing. But time away from our creativity is really what refuels our creativity. This post made me smile because I know exactly how those pear-shaped days feel!

    • I agree with you.
      Creativity sometimes needs a quiet space, but then again, also that fuel which filters in through the cracks called “reality!”

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