I tried “Krita” just now.
As a painting app I think it’s brilliant.
I used the one FX brush to do a quick version of the Warrior Princess.
However, for line drawings I guess I’ll stick to my regular tablet.
(EDIT: I used the PC App, and a Bamboo Tablet for this experiment.)
But, that being said…
I’m definitely going to look into this application for doing backgrounds, and learning a bit more about digital painting.

This is old news by now, but let me recap:
In April I decided to actively start “relearning” many different aspects of art.
For that purpose I set out to draw one character each day.
And I must say, it starting to open up other avenues that intrigue me.
For the longest time I wasn’t interested in exploring new tools and methods.
Today I downloaded Krita and was quite impressed.

I think the Warrior Princess is changing me, as much as I believe I’m allowing her to evolve…


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