Who am I?

Ok, so that’s me in the photo. But is it?
It is “me,” or was it just a moment captured in time and space?
Maybe it’s both?
In that photo, I attempted a facepalm, by the way.
Interesting how closely it resembles defeat and despondency?
To really get a proper impression of what someone “looks like,” you’ll need more than this though.
Video footage and some pics from all angles might help.
The Instagram influencers understand that concept.
Some have been filmed, from almost unimaginable angles.

Ever so often, or maybe once every four years, there are those individuals who want to see “who I am!”
I normally respond with, “I’m everything you see on these pages.”
But that’s often slightly too metaphysical for some, so I will on occasion oblige by pasting a pic of sorts.
“This is me!” Yeah!

Let’s stir it up a bit more before I leave you.
Some very “sage” advice from a veteran cartoonist stated that one should never mix blogging with cartoons.
And over time, I started dissecting this a bit.
What if I never set out to do a blog exclusively dedicated to drawings?
Is the art really that sanctified that it defies explanation, clarification, or non-arty posts?
I believe there’s nothing sacred about art.
And to paraphrase Mike Oldfield, all that matters is whether you can do it.
I’ll add by saying, it matters to me whether or not I enjoy it.
There are so many “what-ifs” and arbitrary rules I often lose track of it all.

If I lose the muse along the way and I only feel like posting text, then who the hell can tell me it’s “wrong?”
A cartoonist who only specialized in daily newspaper syndication that generated millions for him?
I think I crossed some threshold here today. One that I often thought was a boundary cast in stone.
Or iron? Who knows?

If I “am” my drawings, then they should also be willing to allow “me” to surface on occasion.
That includes my philosophy, my quotes, and all the other drivel I feel like posting!

Have a great Thursday y’all!

Here’s a random cartoon from the archives:


  • Great haircut. I have the same one and have had no issue during the pandemic. What I have seen of your work is cool and entertaining. I need to make time for my inner artist to practice what you are doing.

    • Thanks so much!
      By all means, follow that routine. I was sceptical at first… now I’m a believer.
      EDIT: During the lockdown my haurcut certainly had fringe benefits re. convenience!

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