Gentlemen prefer Warrior Princesses!

I never watched the movie “Gentlemen prefer blondes,” but I always loved the iconic poses and imagery from Marilyn Monroe’s movies.
The Warrior Princess looks quite fetching in a typical Monroe-esque dress.
But there’s always that ubiquitous question, where does the sword get hidden?
Fortunately the heroic lass is very resourceful, and she doesn’t need cold steel in order to defend herself.

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  • Hmm, perhaps somewhere up her dress hem; it could be an early ” retractable” model sword. Who knows? I only know I’ve fallen for your Lady, silly old man that I am! 🙂

    • Imagine a compact light sabre? But also, in the right hands, a tiny dagger is lethal

      Oh, you do know she loves the literary types? Autors, scribes, sholars?
      In between battles she chills with her friends in the manuscript chambers.

    • Good point!
      I’m sure they would be quite heavy in “real life.”
      There are ways around that, as well:
      In Lord of the Rings, Frodo wears a very light type of Elven chain-mail. It’s flimsy in appearance, but strong enough to bear the brunt of a cave-troll’s pitchfork.

      To be quite honest, I’ve dug deep into the recesses of my limited vocabulary to try and think of a better word.

      Here’s the “Wonder Woman” perspective.
      Her “forearm armor” has undergone dozens of incarnations, and often they are referred to as “cuffs.”

      • Yes, I thought of Wonder Woman. There was no armor she could have worn that would have protected her wrist from being shattered from multiple bullet impacts, so it was more like a “power”, like the lasso of truth. “Bracelets” sounds pretty flimsy, so I can see cuffs. With Wonder Woman, bondage was always a theme, so cuffs had that allusion to handcuffs deliberately, I would think. Wrist armor would work, I think. For someone fighting against swords, they seem like a very good idea. Conan the Barbarian had either leather or metal ones at all times. You saying he wore bracelets?

        • Forearm armor could be the more apt description then?
          No, I didn’t say Conan the barbarian wore bracelets- I only said my character did.

          • I didn’t mean that you said Conan wore bracelets. If what Warrior princess wears are bracelets, then it would follow that Conan wore bracelets, which seems odd. But only because I think of bracelets as ornamental, simply for show. Since Warrior Princess has no other armor, then those things on her forearms could simply be considered her armor, I think.

          • Hi.
            I was just being facetious. Having a bit of fun.
            These comparisons would be false equivalence though. In my opinion…
            Similarities don’t necessarily equate mutual inclusion, of course. Not in terminology, nor in implied and perceived function.
            But then again, I’m starting to belabor this and sucking the fun out of it.

            From a practical point of view, the “wrist armor” evolved because I thought the arms lacked some detail
            It was either that, or tattoos.

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