Stars we could reach

I archived a few dozen posts I cranked out over the last few months.
They are still safely esconced within these labyrinths of text and pixels.
“Ok, so Matt, why? Just… WHY?”
I looked over the site and I realized I had lost my way.
Yeah, I had lost my sprezzatura, or the reasonable facsimile that passed for it.
LFC was always about loosely-related crud which I found amusing at a certain point during the course of a week, or day.
And somewhere it all got too involved.

Anyway, I’m over-explaining.
The drivel I write will henceforth(damn I love this word) be presented for public scrutiny at

I always wanted to split the write/draw thing. There are various reasons for that.
If you feel like supporting that site, please go and have a look. The likes and bells and other whistles aren’t all that functional yet.
It’s as if the convoluted, yet impressive theme sucks so much energy from the universe that there is no energy left for likes and WP gizmos.
BUT… if you want to support me in a following-like kinda manner, please follow by means of e-mail subscriptions.
You mail addy is safe, it won’t be sold to unscrupulous marketers.
Should that happen I will invite the curse of a thousand flea-infested camels onto myself.

This is also your chance to browse through all the older drivel on this page. Make my day and like one of the pre-covid posts! Yeah!
While I’m working on new toons tell me what you think of the old stuff.

Much love

  1. Nidhika 3 months ago

    good luck for new blog site!

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  3. Nidhika 3 months ago , I cant subscribe it !
    And is this yours ? So soon fake dejapost came in

    • Author
      Matt LR 3 months ago

      I’m not sure why that happened. The wordpress one was only for the jetpack connection. Maybe I was logged in.

      • Nidhika 3 months ago

        oh– i ll see again tomrw! Thanks!

        • Author
          Matt LR 3 months ago

          Sorry about the confusion

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