I compiled this schedule very late last night, and maybe the attempt at being facetious was too deliberate?
The “alternate universe clause” was thrown in to make the schedule incredibly fluid.
In essence I can post whatever I want, whenever I want.
But the idea that there is a potential guideline within this timeline brings about some comfort.
If there aren’t any chronometric disturbances in the near future I believe I could stick to this layout.

[EDIT: I reposted a tree of sorts from 2019 just now!]

[I will post a tree, a bit later!]

  1. Vartika 3 months ago

    Clarity is key… True.. what is that trees thing on Tuesday?

    • Author
      Matt LR 3 months ago

      I will post something associated with trees just now! 😉

  2. Terveen Gill 3 months ago

    Complex yet simple. Just right. 🙂

    • Author
      Matt LR 3 months ago

      And just slightly confusing! hahah

  3. Marlene Handly Stack 3 months ago

    Love it

    • Author
      Matt LR 3 months ago

      Thank you 😉

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