This snippet from Rolling Stone haunts me, but in a good way.

In the Nineties, he (Neil Peart) produced two tribute albums to jazz legend Buddy Rich, and at a moment when many of his fans already considered him the world’s best rock drummer, Peart began taking lessons with Freddie Gruber, a jazz player and noted drum instructor. Peart credited Gruber (and another teacher, Peter Erskine) with helping him re-create his technique and sense of time from scratch, leading him to a more fluid approach and a deeper groove. “What is a master but a master student?” Peart told Rolling Stone in 2012. “There’s a responsibility on you to keep getting better.”

Getting back in shape physically augmented this train of thought when I got onto the rowing machine.
The first days were not enjoyable.
It was tough.
Now I am enjoying it because it still takes effort, although it’s not painful anymore.
I want my more realistic drawings to go a similar route. I’m still struggling too much with certain things.
So I decided to once more start “again.” But this time, I want to bring more than my A-Game.
Of course, I’m aware that I have talent, but to stretch this analogy towards the gym… I want to enjoy it more.
I’m not “drawing-fit” anymore.
I’ll post the first two attempts at drawing a ribcage.
This is an essential structure to get right.
They are dismal, but I’ll leave them here for posterity.


R.I.P. Neil.
You were one of the greats.
But your spirit of humility and appreciation for life and art still inspires so many of us.
I hope you’re out there, on your beloved motorcycle, traversing the infinite with wonder.





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