I realized just now, literally, “just now,” that I never used the original avatar for the website in any post.
[Uploaded on: Jan 16, 2018 at 06:26]

May she always fly straight and true, a beacon of humour in a universe that often seems so strangely dark and sad.

You may use this image for a tattoo. Just let me know, and share some photos for the website.
Other potential uses could include, prints for coasters, T-Shirts, mugs and of course- Promoting the website.
Now I merely need to figure out why I never used it/her?

  1. Terveen Gill 4 weeks ago

    it’s a nice one. Really cool. 🙂

    • Author
      Matt LR 4 weeks ago


  2. Nidhika 4 weeks ago

    Hey Matt, thanks for sharing the original trademark of your Blog. Where are the other members of last flying cow herd ? Some may have bigger wings – Do they ? Would love to see the full herd..

    • Author
      Matt LR 4 weeks ago

      It’s a small herd… of one! Hahaha
      She/Her is the last of a flying breed! 🙂

      • Nidhika 4 weeks ago

        her parents perhaps ? for knowing her – 🙂

      • Nidhika 4 weeks ago


  3. rothpoetry 4 weeks ago

    Very funny!

    • Author
      Matt LR 4 weeks ago


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