Emmilene, The Last Post-Apocalyptic Pinup Princess

Here we see Emmilene in a nostalgic mood- Remembering those lazy summer days, lounging by the pool.
Sipping fashionable girly-cocktails.
Watching the boys showing off their summer-six-packs.

Right before it all ended, The Magic Rugrats released their eponymous single:
“We fall forward into uncertainty, but every moment is bliss. These are the days we’ll remember when tears no longer suit us.”
The song hardly registered on mainstream rock radio, but became an instant cult classic with poets, philosophers and philanderers.

Emmilene still catches herself humming the chorus on occasion:
“We’re not dead yet, that’s the bet.
Free from decay, don’t dream the delay!”

Some academics scorned the forced rhyme, while others recognized a mature worldview that surpassed the banality of regular radio fodder.

Cheers to Friday!


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