The cartoony characters I posted previously were truly “off-the-cuff.”
They were drawn from memory and I had a distinct set of proportions in mind.
Then… I used a photo reference to loosely sketch the following:

The idea was to align the proportions with the previous cartoony efforts.

And, it didn’t work. Not for me.
So what’s the takeaway?
I guess, I need to look at the photo-reference, find inspiration, and then forget it?
Almost none of the Disney princesses have “realistic” proportions, and yet, they have a pleasing aesthetic.
That will be the goal.
It’s literally impossible to create a distinctive look if you’re a slave to realism.
However, without roots in realism, it’s impossible to break down recognizable and pleasing elements into a simplified style.

Well, who said it would be easy?
But that’s fine.
It’s still fun.
What more could I ask?



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