What is a cartoonist’s curse?
Is it the desire to doodle non-stop?
Maybe it’s always searching for that one perfect drawing and never achieving it?

In a sense, for me, it’s always getting asked, “can you draw me?”

Well, I’m not a caricaturist.
So, the answer would be “No!”
I can’t just “draw” anyone.
Ok, that’s also not true.
I can draw you, but it won’t resemble you in any way.
I could also draw on you? Give me a marker.
Once or twice I did some commissions with adequate results.
But I dislike it.
I either flatter the subjects, or insult them.
The problem is, I never know which it will be.
That’s not my thing.
This pic of “Jessica Rabbit” was for a real person and the likeness was pretty close.
She loved it.
But it’s still not something I like doing.
The stress aint worth it.

The greats from the past like Charles Schulz drew original characters.
So did Bill Watterson.
They created cartoons, comics, not caricatures.
But it’s ok.
If you ask me, I’ll just politely say, “no, I’m not that good.”
Because that also means, you’re only interested in seeing yourself, and not
any original work.
But to each his own.
How we understand the universe, cartoons and definitions is unique to all of us.
Maybe one day I’ll find a person who hears about my drawings who will just say, “cool, let’s see what you do!”



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