Our lives overflow with idiot potatoes.
Ok, so it’s just a term.
And I really, really have no idea why I’m using it.
But I like the concept.

At university, James made somewhat of a misogynistic
statement, “The school whore is someone who sleeps with everyone, except you.”
Of course, James was also an idiot potato. But that’s beside the point.
I’m also an idiot potato because for too long I allowed myself to be prescribed
and manipulated by promises from friends and family.
“I love your work, do more!”
But they never shared it.
They always shared all the other drivel on Facebook, but never my stuff.
Whores of social media, and I was excluded from the fun.
But I soon learned that it’s just how it is.
Prophets are seldom honored in their own country.
I’m not a prophet, but some people got to know me well enough to reckon, “His art isn’t legit, because I know the guy?”
“We can only share stuff from OFFICIAL Facebook groups with a large following.”

Of course, there’s another option: Maybe my stuff was pure rubbish.
But for that, I struggle to let go of the anger. I would’ve liked those
Social media whores to tell it to my face- “Sorry, I just don’t like it!”
“I don’t understand it!”
Instead of, “Wow, this is so awesome!” And then the LIKE button gets smashed because they feel obliged to.

The lesson is, to share your work with the world, but don’t worry too much about their comments.
It really doesn’t matter.
Those comments that do matter will find a way to resonate within your circle of consciousness when it has to.
I believe that.
Don’t be an idiot potato. Enjoy what you do. And let it go.
When I did that, with a “to hell be damned,” gung-ho approach and some Viva Sprezzatura, I even went viral on Imgur a few times!
It just goes to show.
Of course, idiot potatoes won’t bother to research the term “Sprezzatura,” they will just punch that Facebook “LIKE.”
Thank the gods of social media I don’t feel obliged to post there anymore!

Keep on arting y’all!

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