We live in a world where customization is king.
Often, this preoccupation with layering personal preferences onto reality, and calling it a “right” seems slightly narcissistic?
“You know, I like blue, so therefore the new phone I want to buy must be blue.
Ok, so, that model doesn’t get manufactured in blue, how is that even possible, it needs to be brought out in blue because I like blue!”
It could be merely entitlement. But the truth remains, we’ve become accustomed to believing our preferences are “fact.”

When I first released this little drawing, someone mentioned they would’ve liked seeing a puppy instead of a bunny.
A huge fan of snakes said that reptiles are grossly under-represented in cartoon pinups.
“Why not have her hold a snake?”
Why not have her hold a snake!

I could, of course, produce 20 different versions, and have them on a rotating carousel that immediately hooks into your online preference profile.
It will then select the correct picture based on your needs.
Easily done.
You can have it your way!
Do you also want the animal to be in blue?

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