In a previous post I explained all about the idiot potato.

Now, it seems, a “sticker” is a generic little animated gif, vector graphic or whatever that you can add to your social media posts.
It’s like an emoji.
Ok, so how the hell did it not cross my mind that creating a sticker could propel me into the realms of immortality and art greatness?
What a thick numbskull I am!
But again, that happens when you allow some people to get too close to the nerve endings in your psyche!
It’s just what it is.
Some people will be your kryptonite.
They’re not “bad,” evil or necessarily vindictive.
They are just bad for YOU!
I posted a few of the cat-toons on IMGUR and I already received a few authentic replies and a great compliment.
That’s not the goal of art, but after having known someone in excess of 10 years, you would’ve at least expected one place where she gave you pat on the back by sharing your stuff with her faithful follower-friends.
Oh… but hang on, she wouldn’t have… she was sharing an unknown person’s stickers on a thousand other posts.
Sorry, my bad!

I haven’t produced a sticker yet, but here’s a line drawing.

I hope you like it.
Somehow I enjoy having a lot of fun with this. And I’ll always reiterate, that’s what it boils down to.
Having fun. To hell with idiot potatoes.
Just be wary when you encounter them. They leave a sour aftertaste.
Again, there’s a lesson in here for any artist:
Don’t read reviews or comments written by certain/some friends, family, or social media sociopaths. It’s tempting.
But don’t.
No… don’t! I’m watching you! Are you creating art, or are you responding reactively to an arbitrary opinion that was hurled at you without any thought or effort behind it?

Let’s put this out there.
If you’re a creative, do you share your writing, drawing, painting, pyrography, music or whatever else with immediate friends and family?
Have you had similar experiences with those who diluted your energy by merely placating you with obligatory “likes?”
Or have you only experienced unconditional and authentic support from the amazing friends on the interwebs?
The idiot potato will no doubt say, “yeah, but you never share anything.” Which again goes full circle, back to the initial post.
Even debating this is an energy drain.
Don’t fall into that trap. You don’t ever debate these things with those who have drained your energy.

I would like to hear your stories.

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