Ok, so there were times when astute observers asked, “where’s the cow?”
You know, often it’s just a domain name, because “ ” was taken already.
In fact, was registered in 1994-01-11.
That makes us feel old, doesn’t it.
So here we are at instead.
I added a clickable link so you can come right back to this site you’re already on!
I’m just thoughtful that way!

The actual “flying cow” was just something I drew a long time ago.
I’m not sure what came first really, the site or the cow.
Some people still debate the chicken and the egg thing in a philosophical manner.
But they often forget a pivotal aspect… We never talk about the purpose of the road?
And, of course, was the other side of that road worth getting to?

  1. mic 7 months ago

    😉 A flying cow is an adult unicorn

    • Author
      Matt LR 7 months ago

      100% Correct. Some would also say, unicorns from da udder side!

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