Once, I heard someone referring to cartoons as being “disposable art.”
We literally used to wrap fish inside them, when they still appeared in daily newspapers.
That is, when we still had daily newspaper-stands on each corner.

I remember a day when my dad brought home the Friday Treat- Fish and chips.
After I had unwrapped my food, I noticed my portion was wrapped with the newspaper’s comic section.
There’s a lot of philosophy contained in this sentence, and I won’t even bother to unravel it now, but it did make me think recently.
A lot of art is “disposable.”
Art has become a commodity. Clipart pictures are ubiquitous.
We see them without always noticing.
The world’s artistic output is a flood of information, together with the deluge of books, movies, movies and songs that breaks upon our shores each day.
And yet, the pop-culture references from our youth remain as an indelible watermark in a collective consciousness.
That’s the interesting part. That which is disposable lives forever.

Here is my contribution to disposable art.
“The B&W Cat doodles. Wave 2.”

I have many ideas for the B&W duo.
And the response on IMGUR was so overwhelmingly positive, how can I not continue.
And one day, If I’m lucky, you will receive your fish, wrapped up with my comics!

  1. Snoophelia 7 months ago

    Love these two! Thank you so much for sharing your artwork. <3

    • Author
      Matt LR 7 months ago

      Thanks @Snoophelia X

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