Facebook capitalizes on our need to be anchored within the universal consciousness of “Everythingness That Has Always Been.”
That’s why we complete “Nametests” to tell us which princess we were in ancient times.
How can we not be relevant if we were Cleopatra in a previous life?
Logically the facebook “questionnaire” fails- Unless we are venturing into the realm of multiple universes, where everyone could’ve been Cleopatra at some point?
I often have a fleeting memory of a place where I might have wandered during a previous life.
But maybe it’s nothing more than the sweet illusion of Deja-Vu.
Some of my drawings act as markers from a previous life.

My last “new” pinup cartoons, prior to this one, that I posted today, were produced in 2021.
It’s only been a few months- But if feels like a lifetime ago.
Yes, it’s an illusion. But it could also be that sometimes the mind reaches a place within which the passage of time dilates.
None of this lives beyond arbitrary perception and experience, and that’s fine.
For a fleeting moment we can be the Prince, or the Princess of our choice, in a universe that defies mediocrity.

  1. mic 7 months ago


  2. Graysbygrace 6 months ago

    Now, this is interesting ✨ Made of think of that there is a person who looks similar to me in the world( I have not searched this but it is apparently true) but lives in another place.Now I would wonder if our consciousness is the same. Would I be able to recall her memories and why is it important to recall her?

  3. Graysbygrace 6 months ago

    Now this is interesting, reminds of the fact that there is someone with my similar face in the world living in another place. Now I wonder do I share similar consciousness? Would I be able to reca her memories and why should I?

    • Author
      Matt LR 6 months ago

      Thanks for awesome feedback, and some food for thought.

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