Writer’s block!

I can imagine how many creatives cringe when they hear those words.
Because that phrase cuts close to the bone.
Every creative experiences it, sometimes.
And it carries with it, feelings of guilt and inadequacy.
“Why are you so pathetic that you can’t generate enough energy to create?”

Well, we’re human.
And often the times when we don’t create, are responses to other challenges and emotions that overwhelm us.
That’s when creativity takes a backseat to that which is required of us to function in this world.
Yes, art is a necessity for the human race, whether they know it, or not.
But few people can create within complicated enclosures.
Some plants require safety of sorts to bloom.
Or even the perception of safety.
Translate that as “stability” perhaps.

However it may be.
When you do find the means to create again, just do it.
Don’t overthink.

I doodled this yesterday.
I expected nothing in particular to take shape.
Without pandering to mysticism, I let the pen take control, instead of the other way around.
Maybe that’s the power of doodling. It expects no result when you start. It kinda just morphs into “something,” or nothing.
Depending how you look at it.

Mindfulness teaches us to respect the present.
From this present moment, I’m starting again.
Conversely, maybe we’re constantly starting. And that’s good.
As long as you can escape the guilt or the perception that some struggles require guilt.
Because it isn’t worth it.
Take care of yourself.
Create when you can.
And remember, that in-between creating, life is still incredible- whether you’re doodling, fishing, or breathing.
It happens regardless.
As long as you’re fully aware of it.
Or at the very least, being aware that you need to be more aware.

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