Twilight doesn’t transition into dusk.
We devised those words to save
as much of the day as possible.
And while we debated the properties
and conditions of the labels,
night surprised us without ceremony.

“Wait until you’re my age, then you’ll understand!”

Through the years, I heard this from a people who crossed my path.
Once, or twice I almost uttered those trite words to younger people.
Fortunately, I course-corrected before I could pander to logic fallacies.

No sunset, or sunrise looks exactly the same.
It’s impossible.
Individual experiences at a given moment in time can’t possibly be replicated, ten, twenty, or fifty years down the road.
History doesn’t repeat itself.
That’s just a phrase, and a common belief.
There are many similarities between events separated by the years, and decades.
But the differences are often far more pronounced.
Yes, the ground literally shifts below our feet. And so do the specific set of events that make up each moment.

In my mind, I often played out a scenario where I would approach those who said, “wait until you reach my age”, and discuss the things I was supposed to learn at those specific ages that were mentioned so often.
I found some of those people, sitting on a bench, in a park, and I had a chat with them.
You said I would understand everything when I would reach thirty. But I don’t.
And of course, I had the same virtual conversation when I turned forty, and eventually, fifty.
Then I gave up on trying to decipher what exactly I was supposed to “learn, or understand” whenever I hit a certain milestone.

My dad, a wise man aged 85, inspired this post’s opening lines.
“Don’t wait for the night, but enjoy the daytime as much, and as often as you can. When dusk arrives, you do the same.
It will be a different time for you, but the differences are yours to choose, and to define.”
He said that before he headed off to go and play tennis this morning.

In 2020, around the time when he turned seventy, Bruce Springsteen released a brand new, and powerful studio album, containing some of my favourite new songs.
With age, there will certainly be limits, in comparison to what came before.
But I believe in living now, within the present, without a constant though as to the shadows of uncertainty that might come.
To the near-enemies who wish to convince me otherwise, I’ll show the door.
There is no place in this house for trite generalizations masquerading as wisdom.

Live, not only despite having reached a certain age, but also because of it.


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