Do they think we’re stupid?
“They are raising our taxes! Do they think we can afford it?”
“They are creating all these rubbish TV shows! Why do they want me to watch it?
“The same power station broke down last week! Do they think we’re stupid?
“They say the world will be ending at noon tomorrow!”

The ubiquitous yet faceless “they” occasionally irk me.
I needed guidance.
I turned to a local for some advice and generally sound snippets of wisdom.
I invented this guy, of course.
And at the risk of sounding self-serving, that’s fine.
He has been a great help!
Joe-Chi, diesel mechanic extraordinaire, student of zen, and random esoteric manifestations, greeted me at the gate leading to his workshop.
He listened.
“Who are THEY?” He asked.
“People, those who conspire against us!” I replied.
He nodded.
“There might be a conspiracy, and maybe there isn’t.”
“But the problem I see is that you are making it personal!”
I took a sip of the worst coffee in the southern hemisphere.
Joe-Chi drank his coffee with seemingly effortless mindfulness.
“Do you require a quotable quote?”
“Ok then!”

“The raging river that extends a brutal hand beyond its banks does not speak to those who created its rage!”
“Wait,” I said. “This is confusing me even more!”
Joe-Chi facepalmed.
“We burden faceless objects with arbitrary labels. The river is oblivious, but the rage is ours! We make it personal!”

I wasn’t sure that the quotable quote from my imaginary friend helped.
But I did think about it.
We make it personal.
Things will always happen.
And I’m now more convinced there isn’t a sly little operator- Grinning from within “the system.”
He doesn’t necessarily know my name.
I find some solace in that.
But maybe he does. And even if I’m the target of his wrath, I’ll have no way of knowing it.

I don’t know who “they” are. It also doesn’t matter anymore.
Nowadays, I rephrase my rants, and it does leave me with a more satisfying experience of life, in general.
Focusing on “them” dilutes our experiences.
It adds a layer of banality.
Words have power.
We can choose which ones to use.
And sometimes, better still, we can choose which ones to discard.

They often say it’s going to rain.
And then we wait because “they” surely know best- Especially if they proclaim it online.
Ultimately we end up being disappointed when “they” are wrong.
But none of this seems to stop us from often consulting with “them,” whoever they might be.

I choose to enjoy the warmth of the present moment-
Without “them.”
Should it rain, then I’ll experience it when it happens.
Of course, I’ll pity “them-” Because none of them will be here- to share it with me.
If you’re going to become mindful and present within moments, there is no place for the faceless illusions that sabotage your well-being.
“They” who always say things are illusions.

When you deep-dive into a more logical linguistic approach, you will find that things can become more complicated.
Critical thinking isn’t always for the faint-hearted.
But all of this is emancipating. That is something, though.
I’ll take a bit of complexity over mindless fussing any day.
It can move you from being victimized by faceless conspirators while gracefully guiding you toward enjoying the life that exists within all of your moments.

  1. mic 3 months ago

    👌👌👌🖌️👀 great… 👏👏👏

    • Author
      Matt LR 3 months ago

      Thank you my friend!

  2. The Juggling Prawn 3 months ago

    Absolutely great

    • Author
      Matt LR 3 months ago

      Thanks so much!

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