Have you ever written down parts of your internal dialogue?

This is me, chatting to a near-enemy about my creative endeavours.

NE: What happened to your comics?
ME: They are still here.

NE: But you’re not posting a lot of comics these days!
ME: Correct!

NE: But how come, this was always a comic blog?
ME: No. It was, and still is a platform on which I share stuff.

NE: Comic stuff? Yeah!
ME: No, not just that! All sorts of eclectic stuff!

NE: But I miss your comics!
ME: That’s great, but they are still there! You can still look at them!

NE: Oh, I’m just used to looking at new posts! Create more!
ME: Of course, if you “miss” my old stuff, you can ask for links?
NE: That never occured to me! So I can ask! I’ll do that, maybe!
ME: The blog has always been about communication, comics communicate so much!
NE: Oh, but they aren’t always funny! Make more funny comics!
ME: You do know comics can be serious, or “food for thought!”
NE: No way! I like funny things I can reshare!

Somewhere along the way, I tried explaining to some, that this isn’t a blog with a specific agenda, it’s a placeholder for ideas.
And a lot of readers did indeed support my ramblings and creative experiments, no matter what the format.
I’m sorry that I lost those who were adament that the format “had to be” something specific.
For them, I’ll share some information regarding “The treachery of images!”
Maybe it will never be a “comic blog” again, but then again, maybe it never was!

  1. Ana Daksina 2 months ago

    WHOA! Are you really the last flying cow??? I’ve found you at last! I’ve been looking for you for so long, high and low ~ though apparently not high enough, which all my friends will tell you with cocked eyebrows that I surely must have been or I wouldn’t have been behaving like… like I was!!! I’m zo HA-peeeeeee!!! 🤗✨🌹💖

    • Author
      Matt LR 2 months ago

      I’m so glad you found me! 🤗

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