By now, you’ve encountered FFP— Fragmented familiarity Perspective.
Ok, maybe not.
It’s a term I just coined.
But people have the habit of overlaying familiar elements on top of one another.
To create a facsimile of yet another familiar object.
I do that.
Then I exclaim, “Hey look, they are the same!”

Zen Man IS me— Because both of us are devoid of cranial foliage.
Of course, Zen Man is a drawing.
But that’s fine.
I understand how the digital representation of different media flows into one visual experience.
I won’t say it’s a false equivalence.
But who knows— in an alternate universe— Maybe I AM Zen Man!

PS: In this reality, I’m the one in the blue T, or rather, the color pic represents what I looked like— at a fixed moment in time and space!
Two weeks ago.

Hope you’re having a great Thursday— So far, in whatever universe you may find yourself!


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