Monday is just around the corner— and it’s already been a week since I posted about “Sunday blues” caused by thinking about a blue Monday.

I have another personal technique for absolving these “blues.”
Oh, but hang on! One should never rationalize!
I can see a life coach peeking around the corner, watching me, saying— “There will be no rationalization on my watch, son!”
However, you are welcome to try this.
The technique is simple. Draw a flying cow.
Like this.
You can also copy my drawing.
Print it.
And then doodle on top of it.
Write the words “Flying Cow” at the top.

As with most though-experiments, I will start the internal dialogue between myself(ME) and an imaginary friend(IF).

IF: That’s not a flying cow.
ME: You are correct, it’s a picture of a cow. it’s not even a cow!
IF: Ok, but why call it a “flying cow?”
ME: I could call it “Agatha?”
IF: That’s not the point, I don’t see any wings.
ME: Fair point. Could it maybe be a superhero cow that flies like Superman? Without wings?
IF: I see what you did, but it’s still not a flying cow if you merely label it “flying cow!”
ME: And by the same token, Monday isn’t “blue” merely because we call it “blue?”
IF: C’mon, you’re playing games within your mind!
ME: Absolutely! I also trick my mind into believing Monday “needs” to be horrible!

For some, this can be a lightbulb moment, but the super slick mechanics of this mind game won’t convince everyone.

IF: Just thinking “differently,” about it can’t make Monday better though!
ME: I don’t know about that! But it seems like thinking about it the “same way” still manages to make it worse each Sunday.


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