“I don’t understand the title of your domain!”

Occasionally questions like these make their way to me through the filters of social media, email, or confused friends and family who happened to discover the site.

For most questions directed at me, I have three question-handling-methodologies at the ready.

  1. Short answer. Think “elevator!” You have 20 seconds to answer.
  2. Long answer. Refine it as you go along. And then park it. Remember your long answers— write them down if you must.
  3. No answer. Practice the raised eyebrow look perfected by Roger Moore— And just smile. 
  1. It’s a placeholder, a space where I can share “me.” These are my thoughts. awesome.com was taken, so I registered lastflyingcow,com
  2. I’m still in the process of refining it. 
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