Thought-provoking advice reached me through a bonafide millionaire.
The same advice found me through an ex-colleague.
He wasn’t a millionaire.
Could that mean the particular advice resonated so much that it transcended the barriers of wealth?
I’m facetious.
But it’s true.

Right. Enough suspense.
“Don’t get absorbed by the lingo of a place.”
That’s the advice.
Don’t get absorbed by the lingo of a place.

“It is what it is.”
“We live and breathe excellence.”
“Here we play hard. and work hard.”

Nothing is wrong with corporate culture.
Each workplace has its distinct phrases and mannerisms.

The problem becomes apparent when employees’ health suffers because of it.
When you can’t approach management and discuss your workload.
Because “it is what it is!”
You’re buckling under stress, but the reply is, “Here we play hard. and work hard.”

The local lingo is fine. It can be endearing and quirky.
But when it becomes a quick fix for dismissing serious problems— Then not only is it toxic, but it can also be harmful and even lethal.

I encountered those who suffered a stroke because the gravity of a situation was dumbed-down with, “it is what it is,” or “cowboys don’t cry.”
Is the above an extreme example of lingo gone wrong, or does it refer to the tragic result of a harmful environment that was ignored for too long?

When you’re hurting, be honest, “I’m having a really tough time here, and I need to talk to someone,” and not the lingo— “Let’s punch our way through this.”

Take care of yourself— Even when the words you choose for self-care don’t suit the environment’s preferred lingo.


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