You have one last phone call before the universe ends. Who do you call?
You get one connection to anyone you knew, either living or dead.

That would be a really tough… call (pun intended) for those who have loved ones spread across thousands of miles.
I would like to hope— When the apocalypse finally hits— That I’m with those who matter most to me.
Maybe I would call my mother. And just tell her once more, “It’s ok! We’re good. I love you!” But she knows we are good. And she’s resting. There’s no need to disturb her.

But I do know who I won’t call.
The Sargeant who ordered me to pick up cigarette butts while it was raining. Because he could.
That mediocre middle manager who wasted my leave so that yet another routine report could be sent to those who would never read it.
That self-proclaimed leader who couldn’t give people time off to commemorate a colleague’s untimely death.
My first boss— had me recite all my wrongdoings without ever giving guidance as to ways for rectifying them.

On the other hand, If I had said all my good-byes to loved ones, and the living— Maybe, just maybe it would be interesting to ask him, to ask that first dreadful boss, “Here at the end, when you look back at it all, was it worth it? Was it worth it to sell your soul for a job that no longer exists, at a place that has changed beyond recognition— For people you wished to impress, people who no longer exist?”

On the other hand.
I should call all of them now, before the universe ends, and thank them for making me a stronger person!

I would much rather be forgotten, despite my kindness, than be remembered forever, for malice.

This drawing was done in 2021.