If you’ve been following my progress, back towards healing emotionally, and mentally, you’ll know I suffered from debilitating anxiety attacks these last few months- And even since 2020.
I’m not unique.
The last couple of years were hard on many of us.
Recently I decided to at least start drawing stuff again.
The whole of 2022 is almost barren inasmuch my art is concerned.
But I did realize one thing: If creating, or even the fear of not creating adds to the anxiety, just don’t.
If it’s not fun, then screw it! Don’t do it.
I can’t say what changed these last few days. But it’s liberating.
I found some fun in drawing these silly pinup pics once more.
And the best part is, I realize it doesn’t need to mean anything- except that I’m still here.
These sketches have become a heart-rate monitor of sorts.