The compounded effects of trauma, hurt, disappointment, and disillusionment often takes years to form.
So conversely, it stands to reason that healing can take an equally long time.
Healing is also associated with unlearning.
Unlearning cliched phrases that skew experiences.
Unlearning what we believed society expected of us.
Living a bit louder— And bolder.
it’s about being less cautious about that which never actually required caution.
Because such is the illusion of unwarranted propriety that society presented as gospel.

I’ve learned to sign my name again, at the bottom of my fantasy sketches.
The “MATT LR” looks bolder.
I like it.

Breathe appreciatively. Live and work mindfully.


The pose was simple enough.
It often starts with a few rough lines, fleshed out to see if it can work.
I ended up angling the skull’s gaze, to make it look less side-viewish.
This was a fun one.
Ok, they are all fun- But still…