The bastard child of art.

Who or what is the bastard child of art?
You know, that one born from talent but without the credentials that makes it entirely legitimate.
Is it comics, the art in computer games, pinup drawings, fantasy drawings, or even all of the above?
If it’s not a painting then it’s not fine art.
Ok, so really, what the hell is fine art anyway?

I’ll leave you to ponder that!
Often I take great pride in creating that which is seen as commodity art.
Frivolous outtakes on reality — Suitable for wrapping fish after its served a purpose.
Funnies printed on newspaper.
But yet — Comics have shaped the collective consciousness of humanity more than we can imagine.
Who has not heard of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Spiderman, Superman, or even that morose bat guy?
So if it’s not fine art, that’s fine by me.
I’ve always preferred the underdog — He often seems more authentic than some iterations of the “real deal!”