“To Beat the Devil” is a song written and performed by Kris Kristofferson. The song was released on his 1970 debut album “Kristofferson”.

The song is a narrative about a young singer-songwriter who is approached by an older, more experienced musician who tells him about his own struggles to succeed in the music industry. The older musician warns the younger one that the music industry is tough and that he will face many challenges and disappointments along the way, but encourages him to keep pursuing his dreams nonetheless.

The lyrics of the song are full of metaphors and allegories, and some interpret the “devil” in the song as a symbol for the music industry and the challenges that come with it. Overall, “To Beat the Devil” is a reflective and poignant song that speaks to the struggles and aspirations of many artists and musicians.

Whenever I feel drained, or that the muse has deserted me, I sketch something and I feel I have kinda done this before.
But then I realize, the devil of doubt wishes us to believe innovation is the only savior.
Or “newness!”
That’s simply not true.
There are no saviors for artists, because there needn’t be.
But then again, many of the demons are false as well.

Enjoying the process is enough.
It’s not always a lot.
But it’s enough!
It moves me to the next step.

Ok, so “The Nothing” comic is still in play.
But these pinups, in whatever style I feel like, help recharge me.

How do you beat the devil of doubt?